Tips on How to Negotiate and Acquire Negotiation Skills

Cultivate a Disciplined Self Consciousness. 3

         For all of this, a disciplined self-consciousness is a negotiation treasure.  Part of the discipline, in not reacting, is to know that there is a difference between having a feeling, thought, or even conviction, and acting on it.  Knowing oneself is a first step in keeping the ego under control.


         Try Mindfulness Meditation.

How do we develop and increase this type of self knowledge?  There are a range of activities and even exercises that enhance cultivation of self awareness and promote self knowledge.  For nearly a decade, Professor Len Riskin4 has been promoting mindfulness meditation as a way not only of reducing stress but also of increasing awareness of one’s inner processes on the theory that this improves capacity as a negotiator or mediator.  Sitting quietly, following the breath, being aware of bodily sensations, letting go particular emotions or thoughts – again, sensing the freedom of awareness without compulsive action – and, with bare attention, gaining a greater sense of presence and the richness of just being are all part of this type of exercise.

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