Using Caucus To Consider ‘Bad News’

How Great is the Scope of Mediation?

Overview Of Mediator Orientation

A Glimpse At Transformative, Problem-Solving & Understanding-Based Approaches To Mediation

The Protean Mediator As Resolution To The Facilitative, Evaluative & Directive Debate

Who Gets The Deal Done?

Using Caucus To Consider 'Bad News'

Handling Confidential Information & Trade Secrets In Mediation

Overcoming Reactive Devaluation

Atmospherics & Process Design

How To Make Effective Use Of Phone Calls

Do Your Homework

Pre-Mediation Statements & Party Attendance

Benefits Of Joint Session

How Parties Can Make Effective Openings

What Makes An Effective Negotiator?

BATNA - The Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement

Active Listening And Cultivating Communication Through Disclosure

What Do We Listen For In Negotiation & Mediation?

The Role Of Trust & Relationships In Mediation

Use Of Emotions To Make A Deal

Opening Parties' Minds Through Reality Testing & Exploring Stories

How To Use The Numbers: Risk Analysis, Bracketing & ZOPA

Use Of Leverage & Silence