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  • Thu

    4th Annual Professional Skills Program

    TBALipscomb University, Nashville, Tennessee

    It is a pleasure to announce that Simeon H. Baum has been invited to participate as a speaker in the Fourth Annual Professional Skills Program at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Mr. Baum will presenting on "Effective Representation in Mediation". In this presentation, you’ll learn practical tips for representing parties in mediation. You’ll learn how to identify and use leverage, build trust and cultivate constructive relationships, and manage interparty dynamics.

    Among other things, you’ll learn strategies for:
    • Effectively preparing for mediation, including:
    o Preparation of your client
    o The pre-mediation statement
    o Pre-mediation communications with the mediator
    o Developing a game plan
    o Process design
    • Effective communication
    • Building trust
    • Conflict escalation and de-escalation
    • Joint session and caucuses
    • Catching cognitive barriers to effective decision making
    • Making the best use of the mediator
    • Using Tai Chi principles and the power of moral force in mediation
    • Operating the Spigot of Disclosure
    • Gaining and adeptly using leverage
    • Designing and communicating proposals and dollars
    • Analyzing Deal and Case strengths, risks and costs
    • Appropriately utilizing risk analysis

    For more information on the conference, and to register, please click on the following link: Fourth Annual Professional Skills Conference

    To view a flyer of the program, click here: ICM-18-014 - One Page Flyer_2

    P.S. FBA members will receive a special reduced registration fee, so make sure to specify that you are an FBA member when registering.