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  • Thu

    Effective Online Mediation for Mediators & Representatives on Lawline Livestream

    12:00PM-1:00PM EDTLivestream

    In this program,  Simeon H Baum, Esq., President of Resolve Mediation Services, Inc. will provide insights for mediators and party representatives on best practices in virtual mediations. The course will present an overview of mediation; identify the challenges in participating in mediation without the benefit of in-person presence; offer recommendations for offsetting these challenges, and walk participants through the mechanics and components of an online Zoom mediation session.

    Following a brief overview of mediation -- setting the scene for the question of whether the Zoom utility is effective for mediation and how best to use it -- the program next provides a nuts and bolts review of Zoom and its features applicable to mediation. We reflect on essential themes and practices for conducting effective Zoom mediation with skills-oriented practices, general and ethical reflections on how various mediation philosophies might lead to different assessments and uses of Zoom, a retrospective review of Zoom’s use in mediation over the last; and a prospective consideration of uses of online tools for mediation even after a COVID-19 cure. Zoom practice tips will range from preparation: introductory Zoom pre-mediation conferences and party tutorials; appearance and management of the Zoom platform; opening joint sessions; the use of caucus; the use of screen sharing for presentations, group reflection and document analysis, and development of a shared MOU or Settlement Agreement; chat, breakout rooms, and other Zoom features.

    This program will benefit both mediators and any attorneys engaged in the representation of parties in virtual mediation.

    1. Assess the best uses of Zoom and other online platforms in a range of meditation orientations
    2. Review the nuts and bolts of Zoom and the potential benefits for mediation
    3. Prepare for online mediation sessions
    4. Prepare the parties & clients for online mediation
    5. Manage the initial Joint Session
    6. Effectively caucus using Zoom breakout rooms
    7. Master screen sharing, chat, and other Zoom features to maximize use of the forum
    8. Develop rapport and connect with parties in a virtual setting

    Link for this program: Click Here