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  • Thu

    Effective Zoom Mediation for Mediators & Representatives A Virtual Town Hall Reflecting on the Past Year’s Lessons from the Use of Online Mediation - Part II

    12:15 PM – 2:00 PMOnline

    Earlier this month, Simeon H. Baum had the pleasure of hosting, through the New York State Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Section, a Zoom Town Hall in which Mr. Baum and attndees drew on the collective experience of over 50 mediators, representatives, or users of online mediation to consider what is novel, helpful, or challenging in this growing practice and assess online mediation in the light of mediation theory and with an eye towards best practices. Participants had a lively discussion in breakout rooms – and then in a plenary session – of benefits, challenges and the future of Zoom mediation.


    Time flew. Towards the close of our program, the Participants showed enthusiasm for a second round, in which we would focus on Best Practices – including Preparation, and use of Joint Session and Caucus – for Online Mediation.


    As with the first, our program will offer a swift overview of the nuts and bolts of Zoom and its features applicable to mediation; and then set essential themes and practices for conducting effective Zoom mediations.


    Utilizing both PowerPoint format, group discussion, and small group discussions in breakout rooms, this program will cover skills-oriented practices, general and ethical reflections on how various mediation philosophies might lead to different assessments and uses of Zoom, a retrospective review of Zoom’s use in mediation over the past year – drawing on presenter’s and participants’ War Stories; and a prospective consideration of uses of online tools for mediation even after a COVID-19 cure.

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