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  • Thu

    Effective Zoom Mediation – for Mediators & Representatives – A Virtual Town Hall Reflecting on the Past Year’s Lessons from the Use of Online Mediation. Skills Credit(s): 2.0

    12:00 PM - 1:45 PMOnline Video Conferencing


    Best Practices When Using Zoom For Mediations: 10 Things All Lawyers Should Know

    In this two CLE-hour Program, experienced mediator, Simeon H Baum, Esq., President, Resolve Mediation Services, Inc. ( hosts an open, Town Hall style discussion – for mediators and party representatives alike – on this past COVID-19 year’s rage: Zoom Mediation.

    Following a brief, nuts and bolts review of Zoom and its features applicable to mediation, Mr. Baum will lead participants through a reflection on essential themes and practices for conducting effective Zoom mediations.

    Utilizing both PowerPoint format, group discussion, and small group discussions in breakout rooms, this program will cover skills-oriented practices, general and ethical reflections on how various mediation philosophies might lead to different assessments and uses of Zoom, a retrospective review of Zoom’s use in mediation over the past year – drawing on presenter’s and participants’ War Stories; and a prospective consideration of uses of online tools for mediation even after a COVID-19 cure.


    1. Introduction
    2. Quick overview of how Zoom works
    3. Effective Use of Zoom piece
    4. Segments for discussion
      1. Zoom Settings
      2. Preparation
        1. Initial Joint Premediation Conferences
      3. Joint Session
        1. Mediator, Party openings
      4. Breakout rooms
      5. How Does Mediation Philosophy Impact Assessment & Use of Zoom?
      6. Maintaining the Personal Touch
      7. Advantages
        1. Full Frontal Faces
        2. Rapid Reconfiguration of Players
        3. Logistical – time, travel, cost savings
      8. Directive, Evaluative - Moves
        1. Mute
        2. Joint session
        3. Pulling party out of one breakout into another
      9. Screen shares
        1. MOU
        2. Core documents
        3. K reading
        4. Spreadsheets
        5. Mediation Statements
      10. Chat uses
        1. Confidential
        2. group
      11. Virtual Backgrounds, New Zoom features
      12. Follow Up Zoom Caucuses & Sessions
      13. Ways to Combat Zoom Burnout
        1. Mediator & Party Breaks
        2. Spending time well when Mediator is in another caucus
        3. Food breaks
      14. Confidentiality & Security
      15. Future Uses
      16. War Stories
        1. Successes
        2. Challenges
        3. Novelties