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    Comparative Hands on Exchange for Judges and Mediators to Promote Conflict Resolution in the Shadow of Authority

    May 19-20, 2020

    Online Mediation for the Age of COVID-19
    Benjamin Cardozo School of Law - New York, NY
    President, Resolve Mediation Services, Inc.


    Prof. Paola Lucarelli, Prof. Ettore Maria Lombardi
    Prof. Paola Lucarelli, Prof. Ettore Maria Lombardi, Prof. Michal Alberstein

    The new edition of the course for mediators, judges and trainers in mediation, legal and economic operators and judges hosts four well-known experts in negotiation and mediation in the international scenario. The course will start with an advanced negotiation section that will be held by Noam Ebner, Professor of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in Creighton University’s Department of Interdisciplinary Studies (Omaha, USA), has negotiated, coached negotiators, and mediated disputes across a wide variety of contexts and industries; trained mediators for the Israeli court system; and played key roles in a number of community mediation programs. The advanced mediation part will be held by Lela Love, Professor of law and director of the Kukin Program for Conflict Resolution at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (NYC), who has served as mediator, arbitrator and dispute resolution consultant in community, employment, family, human rights, school- based and commercial cases. The keynote speech of the first day of course will be held by David Hoffman, who, besides teaching in courses on Legal Profession (Collaborative Law and Diversity and Dispute Resolution), teaches the Mediation course at Harvard Law School and is on the faculty of the Harvard Negotiation Institute. The second day will start with the evaluation of conflict resolution in the shadow of authority that will be held by Michal Alberstein, Professor at Bar-Ilan University School of Law (Israel), who, among other qualifications, is the Primary Investigator on an ERC consolidator grant to study Judicial Conflict Resolution (JCR) and the academic chairperson of “Israeli hope” project, supported by the president of Israel and High Council of Education. The analysis of the on line mediation for the age of COVID-19 will be held by Simeon H. Baum, Adjunct Professor of Law at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (NYC) and President of Resolve Mediation Services Inc., who has a longstanding involvement in alternative dispute resolution serving as a neutral in a wide variety of matters involving claims concerning business disputes, financial services, security industry disputes, insurance coverage, family business, intellectual property. The keynote speech of the second day of course will be held by René Pfromm, who is founder of Pfromm Negotiation and clinical professor at the University of Bonn. The aim of the course is therefore to encourage a new update to all those who, because of profession or study, are interested in negotiation and conflict management techniques, also considering all the issues created by Covid-19. The course is held in English (simultaneous translation with the bidule system will be ensured) and is accredited by the Florence Bar Association and the Italian Notarial Foundation. Furthermore, it takes place in collaboration with the Forensic Education Foundation of the Florence Bar Association and it is valid for the continuous training of lawyers and notaries, the mediators’ and trainers’ updating.