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    Effective Mediation Advocacy: Tips for Representing the Client

    New York County Lawyers' Association

    In this program for the New York County Lawyers' Association, Simeon H. Baum presented an overview of the mediation process. Splitting the mediation process into four section: Prior to Mediation, Preparing for Mediation, Commencing the Mediation, and Participating in the Mediation, Mr. Baum further broke each section up into a Role Play, a Panel Discussion, and a look at an Ethical Aspect. Questions raised in the discussion include: What type of mediator do we want? Are there times when mediation is not indicated? What is Counsel's ethical obligation to the client? How does counsel prepare clients, organize presentation for adversary and mediator? Should client actively participate in discussion? What level of candor should be used with mediator and adversary?