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    Hawking Our Wares in the Marketplace of Values - Sell Quality Not Cost When Promoting Mediation; the Interplay of Global Norms of Justice & Harmony in the Mediation Forum

    ACR-GNY Annual Conference

    Mr. Baum joined the 13th Annual ACR-GNY Conference to make the pitch for selling mediation on a qualitative rather than quantitative basis.   Mr. Baum’s presentation stressed that the mediation process offers greater value than simply saving time and cost. Indeed, the mediation process can serve as a forum for the integration of the global norms of justice and harmony. Just a few of the many benefits and possibilities of mediation include the capacity to build understanding, foster empowerment and recognition, process control, flexibility, responsiveness, freedom, depth, creative solutions, holistic healing, relationship preservation and bridging cross cultural differences. The list goes on, and is much richer than simple time and cost metrics.