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  • Thu

    Mediation Ethics: Truth, Lies, Integrity & Manipulation

    ACR-GNY Annual Conference

    In this interactive, Town Hall-style program, Mr. Baum helped the participants to engage in a reflective dialogue on the limits of mediator manipulation of parties (and counsel). Drawing on a model of mediation suggested by ancient classics, the Tao te Ching (wu wei, or non-doing), ethical challenges to manipulation in Kant and Buber, and the 2005 ABA AAA ACR Revised Standards of Mediator Conduct – as well as on the experience of mediators, parties and counsel in mediation – the participants considered the interplay of ethical norms such as party self-determination, impartiality, competence, quality of the process, truth in advertising, advancement of the mediation practice, and other standards with mediation behaviors and scenarios that test the mettle of all involved.