New York County Lawyers Association Committee on Arbitration and ADR Comments on Success of ADR Program in United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York Offer Encouragement to Users of ADR and Suggest Action by Corporate Counsel

After observing a leaning toward the mediation model in the EDNY, the EDNY Advisory Group recommended and the EDNY implemented a change from ENE to mediation in its ADR program. Currently EDNY cases may be ordered to mediation without cost to the parties, although resort to a private provider of mediation services is still permitted. The SDNY program has been from the start, and remains, mandatory mediation, without cost to the parties. Corporate counsel seeking information on the federal courts ADR programs may call the ADR Administrators, Gerald P. Lepp, Esq. of the EDNY (718) 260-2577 or George O’Malley, Esq. of the SDNY (212) 805-0643.

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