Detailed History

Mr. Baum has represented business interests from the European Community and the Pacific Rim. In addition to judgments for EC companies, he has obtained a judgment of over $800,000 for a Taiwanese business, and a $4.5 million dollar judgment on behalf of the largest privately held company in Hong Kong.


Mr. Baum spent more than three of his years of practice exclusively in the representation of reinsurers in disputes with ceding companies or retrocessionaires. These often complex and high-stakes disputes involved the reinsurance of a variety of types of property and casualty policies, ranging from self-insured retention on retrospectively rated business, workers compensation, general liability, professional liability, and directors and officers coverage, subject to aggregate excess of loss and quota share reinsurance treaties, as well as facultative agreements. For example, Mr. Baum was involved in the successful representation of reinsurers of AIG, seeking rescission of aggregate excess quota share treaties, bearing $50 million in liability, on the ground of, inter alia, misrepresentation of the maximum premium on self-insured retention policies, serving as the trigger of liability under one set of treaties.